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Hyperlocal Media was established in 2018, with the mission of creating a local newspaper for the West Tamar and George Town communities. In early 2019, Tamar Valley News was founded. 

In 2020, threatened by the Coronavirus Pandemic, Hyperlocal Media was transformed and given a fresh lease of life when it was acquired by it’s new local owners.

Since the acquisition, Hyperlocal Media has shifted its focus to Connecting Brands, Businesses & Communities.

As part of this shift, within 2 months of taking over the business, we hosted a live-streamed political candidates debate for the Legislative Council Elections in Rosevears, to ensure that local voters had access to information and an opportunity to ask questions prior to voting.

We continue to own and operate the Tamar Valley News, and have expanded it to cover the entire Tamar Valley Region, including Launceston, East Tamar, George Town & West Tamar. 

The Tasmanian Browser, an online state-wide news service was also launched in 2021, to help connect locals with free-to-read Tasmanian news. 

An extensive list of professional services was also added to our operations, including Website Development, Drone Services, Digital Marketing and Real Estate Media to name a few. 

Looking to the future, we aim to continue innovating and leading the way in connecting brands, businesses & communities. 

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