Video Production Launceston

Our expert videography team are highly trained, experienced and well-equipped to bring your ideas to life on the big screen!

Telling your story

Whether you’re creating a promotional video for your business, capturing footage at an event or sporting match, or need to create a video library for use in your upcoming social media campaign – we’ve got your covered! 

Video is one of the most powerful tools to help you tell your story, and drive engagement. We’ll work with you throughout the planning, filming and post-production stages to ensure you get the results you desire. 

Why choose Hyperlocal Media?

Video Production Launceston

Hyperlocal Media is your premier provider of Video Production Services in Launceston, servicing all of Tasmania as well. 

We work with clients tell stories both visually & audibly, complete with the best image quality imaginable, and coupled with great quality audio, background music, and effects. 

Our team are highly experienced, and equipped with some of the best equipment available, including Canon Cameras, DJI Gimbals & Drones, and RODE Microphones. 

Video Production Launceston
Our Video Production Services include aerial filming

Aerial Filming Experts

There’s nothing better than cinematic aerial video to liven up your project, and take it to the next level. Our team of experienced drone operators are CASA-accredited, fully insured and ready to take to the skies and capture aerial footage that blows you away. 

You can read more about our drone services here.

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